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Heating Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Gas Options

Heating equipment primarily uses three different fuel sources: gas,electricity and oil. You may have one or all of these available to you.

  • Gas Options
  • Electric Options
  • Dual Fuel
  • Variable Capacity Furnace
  • Two-Stage Furnace

Hometown Heating and Cooling, Electrical offers a variety of forced air gas furnace solutions, including 80+ AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) forced air gas furnaces with multi-speed and variable-speed blowers and 90+ AFUE forced air gas furnaces with multi-speed and variable-speed blowers.

Multi-speed blowers typically have 4 speed settings available. The speed is set by the HVAC technician to accommodate your needs. Most often the fan is set at a lower speed for heating and a higher speed for cooling.

Variable-speed blower motors are “smart” motors available in selected heaters and air handlers. The variable-speed blower works in conjunction with other controls to adjust the required blower speed to your home’s heating and cooling requirements. On mild days, the blower operates at lower speeds than on hotter and colder days. The lower blower speed results in quieter operation and better filtration of the air. When combined with a central air conditioner, variable speed motors provide enhanced dehumidification. When combined with some humidifiers, the longer run cycle provided by variable speed increases the amount of humidity added to your home during the heating cycle.

Contact Hometown Heating and Cooling, Electrical contractors at our company for installation, maintenance and repair of your forced gas heating system.

Electric Options

Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems work efficiently to both heat and cool your home or office. By utilizing the refrigeration cycle, heat pumps are more efficient than electric furnaces alone. Heat pumps are able to heat a space without using any gas or oil, making them a great option for additions without existing gas piping. Heat pumps are available in variable capacity, two-stage, and single-stage units.

Dual Fuel Options

Combining the heat pump with a gas or oil furnace gives you the ability to very efficiently heat your home. The heat pump runs primarily in mild winter weather, thereby reducing gas consumption. The gas furnace is used as a backup heat source when outdoor temperatures drop below the heat pump’s optimum heating capacity. If you are interested in finding out if a dual fuel system will help you save on your heating costs, talk to our HVAC professionals.

Variable Capacity Furnace

Variable capacity furnaces are available with variable capacity gas valves allowing for 65 stages of heat control. This furnace is the most efficient, up to 98.7%, that’s on the market today. This furnace is also equipped with a variable-speed blower motor for longer air circulation and less noise.

Two-Stage Furnace

Furnaces are available in two-stage capability. The furnace is able to run on a low stage, using less gas to heat the home when it is mild or maintaining temperature. The gentle heat of first stage allows for better humidity control (when combined with a humidifier), less fuel consumption and whisper quiet operation. The furnace can also automatically step up to second stage to combat severe cold weather or heat the home up quickly. Two stage furnaces are available with variable speed fans, for the ultimate in comfort and control.