Hometown HVAC: Why Hometown For Your Heating and Cooling Needs


Wayne’s story began years ago in 1989, as he was young and in his 20’s started building houses, it wasn’t long before he realized he could also install HVAC systems and electrical work and obtained his journeyman’s license, then acquired is Master HVAC and Master Electrical Licenses to help cut out the middle man in those (2) two areas of homebuilding.

In 1991 Hometown Heat & Air was formed. Over the years Wayne has been able to maintain his company, but saw retirement in the not too distant future. Wayne spoke with Tony in January/February 2017 and Tony acquired and formed Hometown Heating & Cooling. Wayne continues to stay on with Hometown as an Operational Manager. Not only does Wayne manage the day to day operations of the HVAC/Electrical side of the business, but manages and trains new employees. Young men that want to learn the trade in HVAC and electrical.

We at Hometown Heating & Cooling will continue to strive to provide the best quality service with respect and integrity to our customers.

Why Hometown Heating and Cooling?

Why do YOU want Hometown Heating and Cooling to provide you with your HVAC needs you ask? Simple – Heating and Cooling goes above and beyond to make sure that your new system is installed correctly on day 1, the most important day of any systems life. We do many little things during an installation that makes your installment of a new system a step, sometimes two steps, better than our competition. Just ask the Heating and Cooling representative to show you those little differences we provide that separates us from the other HVAC contractors.